HER QUEST isn't just a race. It's a quest for HEALTH. It's a quest for GROWTH. It's a quest for COMMUNITY. It's a quest to PUSH YOURSELF FARTHER.

HER QUEST is a women-only virtual race that is a place for women to come together and compete in a friendly atmosphere with other women. Outside of the race itself, a part of the focus is on supporting each other to be active, challenging each-other to go a little farther, and breaking down the obstacles that prevent women from getting into endurance running. There will be three virtual speaker sessions included with the race. The three non-race sessions will be recorded and available when you log in.

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Race Details

Event Date:

Additional Sessions:

Full sessions details are HERE. Log into the sessions HERE!

Distances: 5k, 10k, 21.1k, 42.2k, 50k


There are podium awards for the top three women in the Solo and Stroller categories for each of the five distances. Additional prizes will be available, at random, for participants in the mother-daughter, sisters, and age categories. We always have fun prizes for people who share photos and videos with us on social media during the event.

Swag: You will receive a custom buff and a handcrafted piece of jewelry, designed by a local artist, and a few other goodies. We also have lots of prizes for people who share lots of photos and videos on social media.

Training: Check our the optional Intro to Running where you will get one on one coaching. This can be added on at the time of registration.



We asked a few outstanding ladies to share their inspiration, and what makes them get out and run.


Tell us what drives you. If you are registered in the race, you can add a short text bio. Log in here, enter your bio in the "Racer Bio" area, and be sure that "Show on Website" is set to "Yes".

Running just makes me better.

 ~ Julie

Pretty excited to see how my tire drag goes! -@sherunsnorth

 ~ Jessica

Mom of 2 who’s started to be able to finally take some more time for herself over the last year and has again found her love of running through a fabulous local running community.

 ~ Morgan

Hard working, fun loving, sleep deprived ICU RN and twin mama, Taryn, enjoys running because ..... She gets to be alone, in nature & listen to music with explicit language & adult themes... cuz "y'all gonna make me loose my mind" ain't just a phrase but can actually happen.

 ~ Taryn

I am a new runner! I have been running since the beginning of Spring and my first run outside, I accidentally ran 5km! That's when I realized that perhaps I could become a runner at 44! Since then I have been doing Pilates for Runners with Keri Bowzaylo 5 days a week and doing her Intro to trail running class. I am amazed at the journey and progress and I am gaining confidence to run the 10km Herquest race. This will be my first race ever! I enjoy running with Trail Sisters Edmonton and my husband (my biggest cheer leader!) Trail running is such a great way for me to escape into the beautiful river valley of Edmonton.

 ~ Nicole

Looking forward to sharing with all the ladies here. Since all my races have been cancelled my motivation to train has been a bit low but excited to be participating in this!

 ~ Monica

I am a veteran racer.

 ~ Angie

Love mountains,trails and being among nature. Been running for 1 year. Longest race distance so far is 21k. Wanted to challenge myself

 ~ Sailaja

Running has always been one of my favourite ways to connect with and nurture supportive, fun and honest friendships with other women. The shared pain and suffering, hard work and sweat, stories and laughs... all create strong meaningful relationships. I’m so grateful to be able to do my third 50km, after a herniated disc last year that made me think I might never run again. I’m grateful for every step.

 ~ Sonya

I’m new to the distance running world and am looking forward to pushing my comfort zone both physically and mentally!

 ~ Kristin

First time running a marathon, as I continue to expand my horizons and goals

 ~ Lisa

Mother-daughter team!

 ~ Sharon

Mother of two daughters and a lovely female dog!

 ~ Tess

I am a very grateful runner.

 ~ Jen

First time marathon, running in Fort McMurray !!!

 ~ Carlee

I'm a 38 year old mom of two who got sucked into the world of ultras after attending my first Death Race in 2017. Seeing the incredible atmosphere there inspired me to start running (which I've never done, unless forced). I've not competed on the relay twice and loved it! 2020 has seen my races postponed to next year, so this is a great opportunity to get back at it and lace up my runners.

 ~ Heather

I love running for a mental break from life and the sense of accomplishment, no matter the distance or time. It also is motivation as my kids get bigger, I want to be able to keep up with them, and be healthy and active as long as I can.

 ~ Jody

Team Tiux PuraVida Ultra Runner recovering from a car accident.

 ~ Kristina

#cryfest2021 will happen

 ~ Taryn

Mountains are where I feel at peace! Where my soul is complete.

 ~ Amber


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