Q: I'm looking into creating a team with my sisters. Do we all do the same distance or can we do different distances?

A: The team subcategory isn't a podium category. If you add a team name, you get entered into special "sisters only" draws (or Mother/Daughter). So you can do different distances. It's more about getting out together (live or virtually).

Q: Do you want the race done in one segment or can multiple segments be submitted?

A: In the rules it says the track must be contiguous. So if you are doing the 50k, you have to do it in one go. You are welcome to run more than once during the week though and just submit your best time. Because you are all individuals, please enter individual times for yourselves, even if you added yourself to a team. The team category is only for fun prizes, not the podium.

Q: For a team, do you want the race run on one specific day in the time period?

A: You have eight days to complete the event and each member on your team can do it at different times.

Q: For a team, do we have to do the same route? Me and my siblings all live in different places.

A: You don't have to be in the same place. The idea is the spirit of togetherness, not physically being together per se.

Q: Can you change distances once you register?

A: Yes - you just have to edit your registration to change the distance.



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